so much for my gloomy predictions, we have had a day of blazing sunshine and heat. Looks as if I can entertain my supper guests outside for a while tonight. we are having poached chicken, green beans from my neighbours’ garden, roast veg and rice … because that’s what is in my cupboard and fridge … and I picked a bowl of Victoria plums, which I may just make some crumble for if I can find/steal/borrow some flour.

the dogs and I went for a beautiful walk at Morston this morning


It was low tide when we were there and lots of families were arriving for a day on the sand dunes, dogs and children in the water where the river drains out into the marsh and lagoon. Driving home I spotted a pick-up truck with 2 huge willow branches; destined to be stuck into the sandbank – to celebrate someone’s birthday? – I am not sure, but they are always there after the bank holiday, looking as if they grew out of the mud and sand, with fruit tied into them.