last week I was in Hampshire for the day, and we went blackberrying on this hill


right behind us was the M3 motorway; it sounded like a very loud rough sea. the dogs had a great time looking for rabbits and eating blackberries, except Tilda had to be on the lead as there were sheep not too far away.


there are plenty of blackberries in the hedges here in Norfolk too – its hard to resist stopping to pick and eat handfuls of them on our walks. Tilda turns her nose up at them but Sal will pick his own.

berries in the garden too, dog rose hips, not really ripe yet, honeysuckle berries, bryony berries (Bryonia dioica very poisonous red berries and roots) and this little tree which is a Guelder Rose.


behind it is a pile of hedge clippings and grass strimmings which dwarfs the garden. I will have to have a bonfire every night for a week to get rid of it.