I unpacked my kiln, glazed the pots, and put them back in the kiln again today, for a glaze firing tomorrow. they all had their bottoms waxed in preparation for glazing here, and no, I am not going to change that, even if it does sound like they are getting a brazilian.

so I’m quite tired but pleased that I got it all done. I am going to try a new schedule for this firing, instead of lighting the kiln at 6 am and getting to 1280 degrees at 12 midnight, or as happened a few times, 2 am the next morning, I am going to light one burner tonight, leave it on low, and hope to get up to 500 degrees by the morning, and so finish a lot earlier. ( I fire the reduction part of the cycle really slowly, to keep the firing even, and because I fire in quite heavy reduction all the way from 1050 degrees it is quite slow going).