luminous moss in the dunes. a very grey day seems to intensify greens and yellows. we walked the dogs through the marshes to the dunes and onto the beach, all shades of grey .. wet sand reflecting grey, grey sea, grey sky, paler grey mist hanging over the breaking waves so sea and sky were indistinguishable.


no wind but the sea was rough from the previous day’s stormy weather. here though there was an inlet, a low, where the dogs could paddle in shallow water. Tilda drank quite a bit, which had repercussions later.


they had a great time, just like kids do on the beachtilda-and-em-paddling.jpg

water and sand make a wonderful playground; new sensations and endless space for chasing.


we climbed to the top of the highest dune, which got my heart beating double time for a few minutes. in this flat landscape it’s a vantage point from which one can see a few miles in every direction, but it was drizzling so visibility was limited.