yesterday the sun came out and it felt like April. I did try sitting in the garden to read the paper, but it was actually a little chilly. but my studio was warm, and the clay got drying, so I put together a new pot for a new start to making. this is the pot which was ordered at the Beaux Art’s exhibition opening; I was asked for a similar pot to the very big one which was the last piece I made in December.


an ambitious piece to start again with, but I hope it will be a good way into expanding my practice.


we went to Holt Lowes for a walk. it was the sort of weather which brings the adders out of hibernation, even earlier than this, I discovered on checking. the time when they are most likely to be seen is April, as they are mating then and are much bolder. I have seen one coiled next to the path in April.

the place is yellow with gorse in flower, but hardly anything else showing signs of life yet. in fact it is at its most bare now, with the bracken all trampled down to nothing and no leaves.


and here is old Sal in the sun.


there was a huge sulphur-yellow butterfly flitting about. sadly I failed to photograph it, as I dithered it flew further and further away. it was a male Brimstone (the females are paler) and apparently it’s quite normal to see them so early, in fact they are about from mid-February onwards, until November. they hibernate in ivy, but they need buckthorn to survive. it looked quite bizarre against the dead bracken.