lovely moon last night, draped with a little tasteful cloud. up at 1.30 am and 3.30 am to light the second burner and keep the temperature going up. then at 6 am a very beautiful morning, sunshine at last, and not much wind. here are the cowslips in my garden, there are clumps of them everywhere.


the beauty of bath apple tree has blossom in bud and beginning to open.


it was such a lovely day I sat out in the garden, sheltered from the wind – it did get up – by the kiln shed door, and with the heat of the kiln behind me, and the sunshine pouring down, it was almost too hot. the dogs lay about; I got my sketchbook out and thought about new pots with pen, ink and watercolour.


I want to take things a bit further, and sometimes you can think with the clay, but its also good to push things with a sympathetic medium like pen and wash.


then the drawing becomes an end in itself, but I hope that some of this will work in the medium of clay.


and here is the flame; turned off at 1283 C (about the heat of molten rock below the earth’s crust) at 7.30 pm.