spring is at full blast now, soon the wood will have a canopy of leaves, the big beech has sprouted a few already, sycamores are at it, the horse chestnuts are all fully out and flowering. even a few oaks have a film of ochre-green, although most are more conservative.


what with birdsong echoing everywhere, bees busy, and the leaves growing so quickly you can almost hear them, peace and quiet is only available indoors, the ticking of the clock dimming into the accustomed background.


there is so much blackthorn flower in the hedges that I think we may get a good crop of sloes this autumn. bird cherry doesn’t seem to carry cherries, but the flowers are pretty, I have seen two or three of these little trees in the hedges.


the last two days have been very warm, good weather for making glaze tests, since my hands are in wet glaze and water. ten versions of the copper/tin/dolomite glaze, to see if I can get a navy blue edge to it, and maybe some crawling. little nudges in various directions.