we went to Morston this morning for a change. after the dry spell and with the small tides this week, it was a good time to walk there. the black estuarine muds are all cracked just like the pattern my glazes make.


the tide was out, a lark was singing higher and higher above the marsh and the sun was on my back.


although the sea lavender, and the grasses and reeds look pretty dried up, thrift (sea pink) and sea campion are everywhere.



Tilda and Sal really enjoyed the freedom of these wide open marsh and mud sand spaces and we paddled across the Stiffkey twice.


there were three swans further up the channel, and they took off, disturbed by the cockle diggers, necks stretched, their wings making that amazing sound as they rowed the air.


the wind was coming off the sea, so no temptation of hare and rabbit scents, and Tilda was very good. she was too busy splashing and paddling and running in circles and ambushing Sal.


also blowing away from us was the pollen from this horrible crop. there is so much of it this year. it affects people who don’t even get hay fever, plus far more chemicals are needed to grow it than any other crop. it does make dramatic photographs though.


back home, I mixed three small lots of glaze, the black and one of the blues from the batch of glaze tests, in larger quantities for glazing, and another version of the dolomite/copper glaze, with no tin, and no feldspar. I should be able to run a glaze firing tomorrow night into Saturday.