a dew-spangled morning; at last the chilly north wind has gone round and the air feels soft.


green banks misted with dew in the damp air early this morning, barley whiskers smoothed down all across the field.


we took a route through the edge of the wood which was probably a much used path once; now only the deer wander through, criss-crossing it with their trails, and their hoofprints where the ground is damp.


blueish purple bugle spikes are everywhere, but the nettle-leaved bell flowers will over grow them later. many windows to the world of light and fields outside the wood give pale views of wheat on each side.


along the wood-shore red campion jostles with nettles, mares tail, docks, jack-by-the-hedge, cow parsley, willowherb and maybe enchanter’s nightshade.


and in the hedgerow of Clip Street a pretty white star petalled flower, which turns out, as far as I can make out, to be chickweed.


amongst the herbs and grasses of this enclosure date wide verge, it looks like some flower of ancient meadows.

there is also red clover


and buttercups, ablaze and fearless where they will never be sprayed with weedkiller.


and I am putting this green glaze in here, because tonight I packed this pot away to go to the Bircham Gallery in Holt, and I wanted to keep a record of the way the glaze came out on that particular pot in that particular firing. It was in April; the jade green has broken up into chestnut brown and crystalline markings, and it was quite a high temperature firing, cone 11 and higher, but I think not as much as reduction as the last two this month.