the time has really come when its too cold to sail, for us old bones, even when the weather is as lovely as it has been this weekend. so Miss Muppet, Minnow, and Margie, and Spooner’s Barn’s tender all came home yesterday and today. Elsie has been in a field in Stiffkey for a few weeks now.


there was an enormous tide yesterday morning. the jetty where MM is moored was drowned at the height of it, and her crew had to strip her from the edge of the creek. twenty minutes later the top twelve inches had already been sucked out again, but there was enough water still on the marsh for Tilda to make a big mistake and end up swimming across what she had thought was a puddle.


MM‘s spaniels adored the high water and plunged straight in. Tilda is not so keen and her expression was a sight when she found herself out of her depth in cold water.


Skipper was in a hurry to get to the hard before too much water went out of the creek, and soon had her motoring off.


he got her onto the trailer and out of the mud onto the hard before there was any problem.


then it was Minnow‘s turn. she wasn’t in the water and she’s very light, easy to get onto the trailer, and now she’s tucked up in a cowshed for the winter.

last night we had a feast to celebrate/commiserate the end of the season, and a very jolly occasion it was. we all ate too much, drank just enough, and played darts (except me). MM‘s mate threw the winning number. we have plans for many more feasts and picnics next year.