I do remember snow at Easter, snow in April, snow on my birthday, but not almost a whole month of freezing temperatures and constant battering easterly winds.


after recent years of mild weather in march and spring being three weeks early, such frigid conditions are a shock ….


here everything looks dried up and in withdrawal, the small amounts of snow disappeared very quickly.


but after the very wet winter the harsh winds have at least made it possible to plough and prepare seed beds by the end of March on our lighter loamy fields.


primroses in Cakes Lane haveĀ  flowered at last

clipst violets

and a few brave violets are out in the deepest recesses of the grass verge in Clip street.


in the sun of the last few days, with the winds a little abated my crocuses are showing their faces, but most daffodils are holding back.


red alder catkins at the edge of Bale wood.


the pussy willow are holding back too, and hazel catkins have taken a bashing; a lot are strewn over the ground in the lane.

in the garden I have cleared my vegetable beds and covered them with weed suppressant cloth; nothing will germinate except for sycamore keys and all the weeds; I hope to be able to peel everything back and get going as soon as the ground is warm enough. which is not going to happen for another month according to forecasts.