I never make New Year resolutions, partly out of laziness, and partly because that’s just not how my year works.

jumpingoff the seawall

but it is an interesting point in the year, when the number changes, and it encourages looking back at other numbers, like this year of 1958, when five cousins were staying at Bacton, jumping off the seawall that was breached and damaged in December 2013.

01 black ice ewer 47 x 23 cm

2013 was a very good year for my pots, and now I have work in six galleries in the UK; Bircham gallery in Holt, Bils and Rye in Yorkshire, Padstow Fine Art in Cornwall, Cupola Gallery in Sheffield , Newfield Galleries in Newark, The Stour Gallery in Warwickshire, one in New York, Cavin-Morris, and one in Tokyo, Pragmata. another three galleries have expressed interest, Maude and Mabel in London, Galerie Quincampoix in Paris, and Lynne Strover near Cambridge, although she wants just very large expensive pieces, so we will see whether I can manage to produce pieces that are up to scratch …


meanwhile the planet goes on merrily twirling round the sun, leaning here, tilting away there, and the weather seems to have purposes of its own. now stormy with some sunshine in between, rather wet and not very cold, so cakes lane is greasy and hard to walk in, but it is always sheltered, until those biting north easterlies start in and bring us some really cold  weather.


I am still having fun with my shake it and see pinhole camera;


the bare trees are more portrait-worthy than in the summer.


this morning it was sunny first thing and we slipped out for a walk that is not very sheltered on a rare day when the wind didn’t feel like it was blowing through you.


the sun soon got behind a thin screen of cloud that looked like silvery fishscales,


reflected in the copious puddles making this path very unattractive to walkers


we walked across to Sharrington, past Valley Farm and round to Bullfer grove. no sign of bluebells poking their heads through yet.


but back in the garden, snowdrops are through in places,


hellebores are showing big pink flower buds


daffs coming through in the flower bed


several roses are in flower


and I proudly present next summer’s crop of broad beans all standing present and correct.