for the last few weeks or so i have been slowly making a series of pots of heroic size (for me, anyway), partly for an installation but not an installation that Rowntree Clark are going to show at London Art Fair in the RCA in September. Ed Clark wants six big bottles ….


then also I like them best of all my work ..


and this week I’m off to Devon with  a car full of pots, dogs and camping gear to take part in Nic Collins and Sabine Nemet’s wood-firing workshop for which they say bring at least 30 pots but more if you can.


well I will just bring however many bisc-fired pots I can get in the car.


including at least three of these


some of the pots will be soda and wood fired in Sabine’s fast fire kiln


and some will be exposed to the perils of Nic’s groundhog kiln


for a four day firing


with sticky ash piling up and melting all around them and on them


and flames twisting and flickering around them


leaving flashing marks.


I’ll also be taking a couple of bigger bowls, some smaller ones, two of the really gigantic bottles I made last autumn,


and as many of the remaining middle-sized bottles and flasks I made in March, and a couple of those listening pods with some smaller bisc pieces that have been left over in the past to fill up the spaces.


it will make a nice break in the cycle of chun glazed pieces which dominate my shed at the moment, and maybe when i get back there will be some runner beans ready to eat.