in Paris again to sell the collection earlier this month


our little showroom collective has moved, we were back in rue Danielle Casanova, next door to the old place, which you can see in this photo from the stairs of number twenty one. beautiful stone stairs, but a much less fancy building, used by hat makers and their ancillary crafts, up to forty years ago.


a really lovely apartment, open plan, as this huge room was where they made the polished wooden formsĀ for felting hat shapes.

ceiling rose

an interesting mixture of high ceilings and pretty plasterwork


with uncovered sixteenth century wooden structural beams. a nice hardwood engineered floor, and big terracotta tiles in kitchen and bathrooms.


Philippe shoehorned six of us in here, and there will be seven next time.


I had an intimate little space, but I didn’t feel cut off from the rest of the family. Colomba Leddi from Milan, Stefano Poletti from Paris, Akira from Sydney, Christine Birkle from Berlin (Hut-up), and a special designer of utility wear from Italy showed here. next time we will have Aurore Thibout with us too.


my collection was too big really.


next time I have to edit myself


summer is easier to do minimally. one dress shape for a start! it just has to be the right shape, that’s more difficult. for the knits, it’s having a wide enough choice so that shops give me a decent size order.


I loved being in this apartment, it’s perfect for my fantasy life of being a writer/painter who lives in Paris. the owners are about my age, intellectuals – the whole end wall is books – and I like the art they have collected/painted (there’s a used big studio easel)


and an interesting mix of industrial


comfortable, and old.