my daily walk is currently interrupted by the cable for the offshore windfarm in two places. it seems it has to be diverted to our side of the Cromer-Holt ridge to find solid subsoil for it to pass under the A148 without causing a collapse.


although I thought this worse than a nuisance there has been a bright side – herpetology! newt and reptile mitigation is being seen to by enclosing the path of the cable within one hundred and fifty metres of ponds or watery places with newts in them, with newt and reptile proof fencing, placing bucket and carpet traps inside the area, and then placing all retrieved animals outside the fence. so far five great crested newts have been found in Bale.


apologies for the poor quality, the camera phone is not always reliable. this newt is a yearling, they live about ten years and grow to about ten inches long.


meanwhile, Spring rolls on – in Clip street as well as newts there are baby lambs just turned out with their mums, lots of leaping and high-pitched baaing.


there are banks of sweet violets, from white to deepest purple, Clip street does seem to be a favoured place for them. on a sunny day you can catch a waft of sweetness from them. the unscented sort, dog violets, flower later, in May and June.


everywhere thick clumps of primroses, this is from Cakes lane.


while we are still waiting for trees to come into leaf the wild cherry trees are flowering


alder casting off their bright pink  catkins


and the ash trees are all in flower with these weird knobbly looking growths;

if they come into leaf before the oak, we are in for a soak, goes the old rhyme.


Bullfer grove is dark green with bluebells, not yet in flower except for a favoured spot, a south-west facing bank.


sunshine was slow in bringing warmth, the nights have been cold.


two weeks ago I heard the first chiffchaff, newly arrived from Spain, and now the black caps are starting to sing. I haven’t heard a whitethroat yet, but our local bullfinches are busy in the hedges, and the yellowhammers have been singing for a couple of weeks now.


soon willow warblers, and then garden warblers will arrive.


the rape is already in flower but hasn’t reached its full strength yet.


where the field drains have broken and there’s no crop there are hundreds of these wild pansies.


in my garden I have sown wild flower and grass mixes on the bare ground. it’s been so dry I will be watering them this week.


along with the vegtable beds. there’s a patch of love in the mist between them, looking very healthy.


buds opening, blossom flowering, and the garden is habitable again.