I’ve been back making pots for a week now


and the hot weather has dried everything quickly,

grey pot

so I have packed most of it into the kiln and will be lighting up for a bisc tonight.


twenty five bags of clay arrived today, I have work to make for Nic’s woodfire workshop in later August


and for an exhibition in the Bath gallery, David Simon Contemporary in October.

top of pot

also the CPA slot system means I have to deliver some really good showcase work there at the end of November.


meanwhile the lanes are full of beautiful plants (including a hemlock, which I have not noticed round here before) like these teasels

hogweed buds

hogweed is in season now

morning hogweed

the lanes are full of it


walking best done really early while the shadows are still long


the bracken still not quite uncurled and about half its eventual height

field of barley

barley in this field still very green and upright, but some of the early or autumn sown looks ripe already


a great view from my garden since the hedge was tackled rather than tickled …

I was accused yesterday of not keeping my blog up regularly … well since no-one comments I got a bit fed up with doing my best for y’all and not knowing if anyone even reads it … so please do comment!