west beach in St Andrews, which won’t be the easy walk from the house, now that daughter’s household is moving further inland


there’s always a beautiful light here in the mornings. it’s reflecting off the caravan site on top of the cliffs.


jewel encrusted tidemark


at the new house you walk by the roaring burn and overhanging ash and oak next to the house, and if you head in the right direction you are out in fields and in a little tree-lined gorge after two minutes. a den, they call it in Scotland.

Mactarvit can I possibly climb this

on Christmas eve we are climbing this steep hill in a rainstorm

Mactarvit wood alternate reality

mysterious calls among the trees prompt Scott to attribute the loss of an hour on the car clock (it’s set to summer time) to an alternate reality at the top of the hill.

Lichen larch Dunkeld

Christmas Day and we are in Dunkeld, North of Perth, for a lovely long walk, a grey day, the landscape saturated;

purple bracken Dunkeld

my iphone finds saturated colour in the heather and bracken

Dunkeld colour

and orange red larch needles – exaggerated, I have to admit

bracken view Dunkeld

but intensely beautiful

rothko Dunkeld

navy and wine coloured

navy fir wood Dunkeld

blue fir trees

Loch Ord Dunkeld swan

Loch Ord, a pair of swans and their cygnet, but just one makes a better picture.


snow higher up

walking under ash trees Dunkeld

ash trees all rough with lichen


the snow is a way off, but many of the views as we come up a rise in the track seem to be on the next slope.

beech tree Dunkeld

plenty of beech trees too, the climate here isn’t too cold for them.

second dunkeld loch

reflections in the loch we circumnavigate to get back to the car.

surf tentsmuir beach

Boxing Day it’s Tentsmuir forest and beach in blazing sunshine

tree tentsmuir beach

soon sloping down

low sun tentsmuir beach

and on the horizon


two more photos, from Taybank, a very muddy walk along the north side of the river


above the reedbeds along a little cliff, in the grey murk.

Back soon.