back into painting my local landscape, autumn makes it much more interesting

crab apples from a tree at the edge of the wood

our walks are enlivened somewhat uncomfortably by all the pheasants – Bims gets far too excited. I am hoping to train her to ignore them – some hope!

a few leaves are on the ground, but on the whole leaves are still green – it won’t be until well into November that we see real colour changes

warm light

wild skies

early evenings

inspire charcoal drawings

the rooks are back, crowding on the electricity and telephone wires that criss-cross these fields

inspiring a couple of paintings. this one is of a field that has an open view out to the coast, towards Cley and Blakeney.

another field has two sets of lines, and some lovely old barns

the charcoal preparatory drawing set me up

somehow the first attempt didn’t cut it, I had to go out during the afternoon, and also I tried to paint with it flat on the table.

after a week of looking at it in disgust, I went over it with a transparent-ish pale grey, to knock out the poles and the field edge and the sky

working back into it, I felt I had more of the spirit of the drawing

and a photo


almost there

I’m working with broad brush and palette knife

and felt far more confident

putting less down

for a looser painting

one more charcoal. I have some small boards that may go to work out some of these.