an earlyish trip to Wells beach, since it’s half term I knew it was going to be busy.

but with a chilly start there were very few on the beach at 9.30

Bimba still hates the car trip, and I realise I must put more effort into “practising” – the best thing is to pop her on the back seat on our way out to a local walk and sit with her for a few minutes. this helped before, but she’s gone backwards since I stopped doing it.

she loves the beach

especially when we get to the softer wet bits with no stones

then she really lets go

if she can splash a bit so much the better

as the tide was only just down from high there wasn’t so much room as at low tide

but once we got into Holkham bay there was plenty of wide space for her to really express herself

until she was pretty puffed out

she lies down when that happens but not for long

the waves a bit rough after the weekend’s wind

then we got into the dunes

or rather she got into the dunes

then I scrambled up to find her

and we walked back along the edge of the dunes under the woods. once there started to be dogs coming in our direction I put her on the lead and we got into the woods to avoid cross dogs, barking dogs, and clusters of children zooming about. the children are generally not a problem though, but dog fights are!

I took her inside the cafe, but not before some 5 year-old boy had zoomed up behind her with a loud bellow. I did just say that’s a bad idea to him and his dad …. she was pretty stressed out in the cafe, I got her half on my lap – but not as much as she would have been outside with all the tables occupied by dogs and owners

on the whole a successful trip!

saves the garden a couple of rounds of racing and digging too ….