candlemas has been and gone, the snowdrops now at their best, though they started to poke through the leaf litter in early January

and the snow has been and gone

the first lot thawed almost as soon as it was down, rivulets pouring out of field drains

pools lying on other less well-drained fields

Cakes lane still flooded at its entry

the snow freshens up the poor old browny-grey landscape at this end of winter

and for a few hours or a day or so the reflected light is glorious

every muddy lane is magically transformed into a pretty picture

a scene I painted without snow

suddenly demands rethinking

but the temporary transformations soon dull to slush and mud.

Bimba’s first snow was exciting at home in the garden

but now the grass is cut up into muddy paw sized pockets

and the frost and wind have taken over, drying the land up a little at last.