we went out here for a walk today. these dunes are mostly covered in marram grass; its a strange furry landscape.


but in some area the surface is just lichens, and in the summer, hundreds of little orchids.


the dogs adore it and play tag and hide and seek.


now Tilda is fast asleep on the sofa, exhausted after tearing around in the grass, up and down the dunes. there was a barn owl hunting too. it flew up, disturbed by the dogs, and floated over the edge to the lower level, where the dunes descend in a big step to a lichen filled valley.

I have made quite a few pots in the last week.


and 15 little ones. the little pots seem to be selling very well at the moment. they are useful to try new things out on, and they fill up the spaces in the kiln. these are not quite finished.


they look like chocolate pots, dusted with powdered sugar. I will have to find a way of glazing that allows this speckle of porcelain to show through.