mixed bag

I was trying to be laid back about opening the kiln this morning, but suddenly I found myself up there with the trowel, scrabbling away at the clay and sand that seals the bricks on the front opening. I had made an extra good job of it this time and it wasn’t easy to get the first brick out.

quite an interesting result. firstly, the barium glaze on the ST material at that temperature is gorgeous, smooth dry matt white and ochre on the overlap. this is the biggest pot, it was right next to the flame, and I think it is spectacular.

03-high-fired-chalk-beach-bottle-55-x-25-cm.jpgthis is the other side from the photo on the website.

then the other really big pot I glazed with the copper/tin/dolomite glaze on top and the wood ash/china clay glaze on the bottom. you can see how uneven the temperature is in that kiln, because the wood ash glaze hasn’t matured properly on one side, the side that was into the corner of the kiln. but I like this effect, its rather beautiful. the other glaze on the top is slightly less matt than usual.


then the porcelain layered pots did some not unexpected things. on one of them most of the porcelain peeled right off.


here are the pieces of porcelain which fell off in the kiln. the other two pots still have the porcelain attached, but they look quite extreme.



I shall glaze this one and the other two and refire them. the other piece like this, which had already been fired to cone 10 with the barium glaze, came out well.

all the little pots which were on the kiln floor at the back, and therefore theoretically in a cool spot, came out well, with good reduction, ie the clays are good and dark, and the shino has nice orange flashing.


the shino acted a little differently on these two and the crawl patterns are a bit more special.


you can see the rest here http://www.soozwhippet.com/1300CfiringDec2007/index.htm


  1. The blue pot is going to sell in a flash. Lovely job. I enjoy reading about your whole creative process.

    Thanks for sharing.

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