the last three days have been spent editing the list of pots for my exhibition at Beaux Arts Gallery in Bath. from the last five firings the gallery had made a list of sixty nine pots, which I managed to whittle down to fifty two. a price list had to be produced as well; and now the pots all have to be labelled and packed for the trip down to the west country on Friday.


today started sunny and cold, but just after midday intermittent fogs and cloud blew across from the west. it seems that inland there was thick fog, but here there was some sunshine, of the watery, weak variety, for the rest of the day. the birds in my garden were all singing in the sun this morning, and the other various signs of spring are well out.



Tilda was positive that some creature of interest to her was in the plough, but whatever it was had more sense than to make a move.