anemone wood

I have been given the key to a very special place, a little wood full of wild flowers.


at the moment it is full of primroses, but a few wood anemones are out, and soon there will be a snowstorm of white flowers.


as about half of it is covered with the leaves of these rare woodland plants. this is a more open and drier place than the boggy roebuck wilderness, and it has a little loving attention paid to it, there are new trees planted and bee hives in one corner. I spent an hour wandering around with my camera, and I found some fraying posts – the roe come here too. there were hoof-prints in the field on the way.

here’s a place the buck has been scraping at.


a lot of it is hazel, which make these groves of bush-like clones.


this is a wonderful tangle of honeysuckle, it looks man-made.


I will go back in a couple of weeks, I think the anemones will be more impressive then.

today I saw a fox in the water meadow, looking for voles in the long grass, his deep russet coat glinting in the sunlight.

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  1. You’re right; the honeysuckle does look like hands have woven it into a shape. Very magical woods there, and such lovely yellow flowers.


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