more on Doig. painting, White Canoe, 1990-1, 200.5 x 243cm


he appeals to me partly because of his paintings of all those lakes and pools, swampy wild places which in Canada one assumes are part of a much larger wilderness than you could ever find in Norfolk. but hidden away in the interstices of the landscape these boggy woods are almost the only real wild places here. realm of the deer, the fox, the buzzard, (two circling in thermals near the wood this morning) and maybe only left alone for shooting cover.


you can barely see the water here for trees and ivy. the bigger pond is more open, and has a very satisfactory Doig style reflection, the scum of leaves at the edges making a film over the brightness.


there are so many violets everywhere in this wood, amid ivy and criss-crossing deer paths.


out of the wood on Cake’s Lane I found this little green flower, which on looking up I found to be something I have never heard of – Moschatel. it has a musky scent, hence the mos part of the name.