the last of the anemones

yesterday evening I made what will likely be my last visit to the anemone wood this spring, as they will be over soon. some have already lost their petals, and some have been overtaken by the nettles where the light can get through more open parts of the wood.


however there is a soft ankle deep carpet of anemone leaves with very little other vegetation under the old coppiced hazels.


a big brown owl – I presume a tawny – took off as I got into the wood at around 6.30 pm, in slanting sunshine which gave plenty of light for photographs.


everywhere in this wood there are the rotted stumps of much bigger trees, felled before this generation grew up. I wonder what date they go back to.

other flowers have become noticeable now  – a clump of forget-me-nots – whose intense blue is lost in this photograph, however much I play around with photoshop – and I have adjusted colour, saturation, contrast …… my camera does not like small flowers and wants to make them all almost white.


also an oxslip, which is a hybrid of cowslip and primrose. a much deeper yellow than the primroses, which is why I noticed it.


three pots made today, which show some progress. better than the last two days making which all ended up in the reclaim bucket. sometimes ideas only come by making and discarding.



  1. And what a delightful collection of green, olive, light brown… and yellow today. Signs of spring are here.

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