earlier than usual this morning, the dew soaked my feet, my trousers, and the dogs. it was very pretty though.


cool airs and mistiness


there were a few hares about, but the deer kept hidden, and I kept T on the lead mostly after the last two days bad behaviour. she is very easy on the lead, typical laid-back lurcher.


apparently I have missed the best of the bluebells. it will have to wait until next year. but the cow parsley makes up for it.


I tried another new clay today, Earthstone’s terracotta crank. I suspect it won’t work at my firing temperatures, but its really nice to make pots with, not nearly as coarse as the black crank. I am going to mix it with the stoneware crank and reclaim stuff, hopefully that will work out temperature-wise. but if it doesn’t bloat at high temperatures I should get an interesting purple colour. three pots I made with it today.


potted out three little cherry tomato plants and eleven broad bean plants into big plastic pots today. I do all my vegetable gardening in pots.