the rain in spain

back from rain in Spain to rain all day today here in the East of the UK. Spain was, well lush for Spain, but nothing to compare to the soft green sea of growth here.


my garden has grasses leaning over the paths to wet my legs, dog roses looping and falling over to catch my clothes, and this morning my legs and the bottom of my jacket were soaked by waist high crops and hedgerows.


I saw a very wet fox. it saw us and beat a rapid retreat. otherwise an uneventful walk. these dog roses are pretty, but it is all greenery now, not many flowers.


in Spain so many flowers. I just spent the whole afternoon trying to identify them, but some I just couldn’t find. camomile everywhere, with its dry fragrance.


no idea what this is. it looks as if it could be a seed rather than a flower.


these I can identify – field marigold and viper’s bugloss – nature putting colour opposites together. the photo does not do justice to the intensity of colour.


my trip is documented here .

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