it’s a shock to see banks and ditches which were high with flowers, grass, bramble and bracken reduced to this dry, dead, shaved bristle. in several places around Bale and Hindringham farmers have started tidying up, although they haven’t been able to finish harvest yet because of the rain. the corn marigold, hard heads and scabious I photographed a week or two ago along the roadside are all gone, and the smaller trees given a flail too. bits of branch lie in the verge.


but there is a small damp field full of wild flowers, the Hindringham side of “Botany Bay”, alongside the narrow neck of woodland which extends out to the road from Bale Wood, where I saw a roe deer last week.


it looks scruffy because there are docks and thistles and a bit of ragwort in there, but the flea-bane rules, along with rosebay willow herb.


I hope it doesn’t get cut too soon. walking today there was the ominous presence of this storm to the South, but it veered off, and we basked in some welcome sunshine until the next system, three hours later; that missed us too though.


yesterday was spent photographing the knit collection, editing and getting the photos on line. they are here.
we were in and out with the weather, but my neighbours’ house makes a fantastic backdrop, so a huge thanks to them, and to Sid for being the face of Jane Wheeler once again. I’m pleased with the results anyway, and it is very nice to see the knits which were just ideas a few weeks ago, on a person and working, I think.

I enjoyed using the cucumber plant as a prop, but we had fun with the doorways; it gave Sid a frame to interact with. it may have got a little obvious and repetitive, but it helped.