sunny spain

this week the weather has been wonderful, in fact at the weekend it was positively hot. most is finished on the house now, the ghosty water leak has been located and isolated, the electrician came this morning and found the fault that was preventing some of the lights and sockets from working, and he fitted all the ceiling and wall lights  I bought in Ikea. so now we are very civilised. these photos I took yesterday before the lights were put up.


but first is a photo of the house looking cosy and as if it belongs there. the light has been fantastic so in most of these I had no trouble photographing indoors.


the bedroom is looking quite glamourous in a very plain and basic sort of way


I am so pleased with the bed, it is Ikea’s best curved slats, a not very thick latex matress and their best mattress pad. it is really comfortable, the best I have slept on for ages. better than at home …. the cupboard thing behind the bed head is a very clever idea – the shelving units slide out sideways. I still need to paint the floorboards but I can’t do that at the moment as the door scrapes along the floor. we are sending a solicitor’s letter to the carpenter. the solicitor has had previous eperience of this tradesman and a solicitor’s letter usually sorts him out. there is a list of things, some quite major, which need sorting out. but apart from this the house is truly a casa preciosa, and I love it. I also love this light and sunshine and it will be hard to go back to dark cold England in january.


this morning I sat on the porch working on the collection, my head in the shade, the rest of me happily in the sun. earlier Manfred brought a gardner and plantsman to see me. he should be able to maintain plantings which will need some care to get them established, and advise me on the best things to grow, also he can help with maintenance  of the natural pool planting, and the shade plants or trees we will need to help the natural water cleaning process to work. the whole finca should be ploughed and harrowed in january or february to aerate the soil which is very flattened. this should encourage the natural flowers and grass to regenerate better.


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