rain at last, yesterday and today. it may be my imagination but the finca seems greener already. I took some photos of the house today, as it becomes more homely with the few additions I have made.


I finished painting the stair rail, but its a little bright, really I should have made a darker grey. anyway, it certainly looks a lot better than the rusty dull red the metal man had painted it.


the downstairs bedroom is almost finished; I just need some bedside tables/night stands – which I will get from Ikea. this is the view out of the door


I put up the hanger peg thing today. I am getting better at this drilling business, but I hate it!


when it stopped raining we walked up to Montanchez and back. this is a Thapsia Villanosa; it doesn’t seem to have a common name. a bit like fennel, but with no special smell.


all the moss has changed to lovely green plush and things are looking more hopeful for a flush of wild flowers


vipers bugloss is becoming more intense, and I plan to survey the finca again for more flowers.


this beautiful salamander, about five inches long, had come out after the rain. he stood perfectly still, no matter how close I got.


there was another shower when we got up to the fountain; it didn’t last long and there was this view of the sierra across to the west about halfway down.


here is the pool all filled up, it should get planted pretty soon.