three days of beautiful sunshine – today not a cloud – and I only just got my solar panels working properly again this morning. the engineers had put in a cut off switch which they have now removed – it was for seguridad, but just cut out when the sun got strong. so the pool is still not functioning. but it is full of frogs – a rousing chorus of croaks every night – and there’s a string of frogspawn – I assume it’s the frogs.


the wildflowers have come on with the rain last week, and everything is much prettier. this is a wild gladiolus, in the finca next door.


the viper’s bugloss are at their peak, wonderful colour, much more intense than this photo.


the heat is making the dogs more laid back, but they are a little deprived after my trip to Ikea yesterday and today’s rushing about buying more paint and wood.


quite a lot achieved already, paintings up in the living room; these I never thought I would have somewhere to hang, and they are perfect for the space.


both the same subject but different treatments.


thanks to help from an extra-tall friend.

I have also managed to install the hangings that Sue made with old knit squares in the bedrooms;


I really like this one, it’s very peaceful and beautiful. the blanket is also cotton squares, and much noisier than the hanging.

in the downstairs bedroom this hanging is considerably brighter, but it livens things up, I think.


lots more improvements, but they will have to wait until the next blog … hasta luego …..