another firing

I unpacked saturday’s firing today. first glance was disappointing, I had under reduced in the early stages and then compensated by over reducing through the 1100’s C, and the colours are a little dirtier. however, after handling them under a good light in the workshop and photographing them, I am a lot happier. quite a few of them had the extremadura earth in them, like this one, the last of the paddled bowls, the shallowest, most asymetrical one, which has a veining of cracks.


this three spouted flask was made in the white stoneware clay with the extremadura earth in it, but the most interesting thing about it is the way being fired right next to the gas flame at the front of the kiln has given it an oval of orange-rust on the shoulder.


I had a space at the top of the kiln where the shelf was too close to the top to fit much in, so I popped this plate (I have a stack of them) into the blue version of the mamo mat, the copper/tin glaze and it has come out very well. it even sits quite flat, although it warped.


I hated this when I opened up the kiln, and its mate the slightly smaller no 15, it looked so yellow ochre, but I am really pleased with them now. there is more green at the top than I thought, lots of personality and the  scoring has worked well.


rest of the pots are here

I dropped my good canon digital today and stove in the focusing and zoom part of the lens, but after some wrestling to get it moving with a screwdiver it seems to be working fine again, so not quite a disaster.

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