my mirror dinghy has a posh new raincoat, so we took her to Morston, rigged the mast and sails and left her all wrapped up. the cover is very fancy, collar round the mast, a zip and velcro to fasten.


sailing was impossible, Miss Muppet is moored down a creek and hardly any water got down there  as the tide was so feeble. the bit of water there was at high tide was buzzing with people trying to squeeze in past the seal boats, mostly motor boats.


MM’s spaniels were very happy splattering about in the mud at great speed.  Judy disappeared past the bend in the creek and Lily just zigzagged from one bank to the other.


we walked across the marsh and back down the side of the creek as the tide got to its full height and all the boats hustled to get out to the lagoon.


the un-named red Mirror is moored up here. I envy her oars. I missed a pair on ebay this week. I have paddles, but they aren’t as pretty.


high and dry today.


it’s a long time since I took the dogs walking at Morston, the attack on Sal last year put me off, and I have missed it. Tilda is mostly safe to let off the lead around the creek and saltings, except when there are children. she disapproves of them and barks, which is very embarrassing for me and frightening for the children, so I get her on the lead while there is time. at least on the marsh you can see everybody coming.