philippe’s paris house

paris in early march, colder and brighter than it has been before, gusts of bitter and freezing air, static making hair fly and clothes snap and cling, piercing blue skies and skull numbing black nights.


in contrast the house is warm and welcoming, full of beautiful things magically displayed amid the splendour of Philippe’s latest interiors book, Les Papiers Peints.


there are scraps of wallpaper everywhere, a patchwork of old and new, exquisite and bold.


the high ceilings and tall windows with their iconic views of Paris streets add to the elegance of Akira’s beautiful dresses.


this staircase leads to the “maid’s bedroom” which is where I hang out with my knitwear.


Rosa’s shoe, boot and bag collection against more wonderful wallpapers with an oriental feel.


a green/grey theme, all elegant prettiness


in Donatella Pellini’s jewelbox, an octagonal room with four painted mirrors, the colours are sunny and vibrant. birds painted free-hand fly around.


the jewellery has gone and our showroom has finished; a few days high energy, then the house is left empty – until its next chameleon change of identity.


more of Rosa – beautiful leathers, most desirable shoe and bags, and a very elegant lovely person.


wallpaper seen through glass


the mixture of elegant house, with its ever changing paint and paper, and collections of beautiful decoration for the female form, is an intoxicating one.


dove grey and antique silver, light and reflection.


imperfections all go to make up a sensitive accumulation of impressions, like a painting. the house is an ongoing work of art, always changing, fluid, never finished.


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