it turns out I was one of three potters in the Hart Gallery’s Summer show, with some work they have had for about a year. it was interesting to look again at what they have.

they have this one as the main piece for me in their website – in fact it was sold a while ago! but I like it and it makes me think about using this horrid poisonous barium carbonate glaze again.

other artists shown include this painter, Lewis Noble – I like his work very much.

I am proceeding at snail’s pace making more work. I have quite few of these bottles made, which are slipped with porcelain. it’s just the leftovers from slabbing with porcelain kept in a bowl with a lot of water, mostly roughly brushed on.

some experimentation with clay as a stencil, and then leaving the stencil on and brushing more porcelain over it.

I am using clay that’s still quite fluid to build with and then there is a temptation to push it about a bit, which I easily give in to.

my plan is to carry on making for a while before firing anything.

the porcelain has been squished onto this dish, so thickly that it has a lumpy and cracked texture. finding the right glaze to complement it will be difficult.

and here is the main group of bottles, with sgraffito, applied clay, stencils, over-slipped scratched squiggles and more. you can see how I have pushed the soft clay to make inward bulges, and all are slapped about a bit to give them soft rounded shoulders. the clay is mostly a cheap stoneware buff I am trying out. it’s called “school clay”. we’ll see.