stuck in september

autumn started in July this year; september can be kind, but not this year, not so far .. in the intervals between rain and wind  I can sit and read in a sheltered spot in the garden.

some of the hedgerow field maples are full of these pretty pink and green helicopter seeds and the oak trees are full of acorns.

my garden still has plenty of colour and greenery – it has been a good growing season.

the brick paving has been invaded on all sides by weeds – some creeping and some very bold.

the wild garden has its own colour and pattern to delight the eye

fennel seeds catch the evening light

and bedstraw is full of black seeds

knapweed brown and straggling – soon to be scythed down

poppies still flowering, but the seed heads, delicate and sculptural, wait to be gathered for next years show.

in my workshop a stasis …..

bisque-fired pots wait for decisions. I just had a huge edit and need inspiration for new things to do with these pieces.

the biggest are the least problem … a cone 9/10 firing, monochrome, near-blacks and near-whites, soon.

and the apple tree has branches so weighed down they are near being broken by the weight.


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