acorns, oak leaves, and porcelain

back to the pot shed for the first time for months and I have been picking up the oak leaves I have been so enchanted by to impress into clay. porcelain is the best material for retaining and showing off an impression – to start with I have been layering porcelain into stoneware clays – I do like the contrasts I get with this technique, and the  extra depth of all the edges.


not all leaves – here is one that has been attacked by the spaghetti spoon.

the remnants of the cut out ovals make shapes which demand to be attached as wings, or flanges.

today I worked with just the porcelain, rolling it out on a board contaminated with stoneware, iron bearing clays – this will give me some mottling and interesting variations under the glazes. I have a shaped piece of wood with a slot and holes in it, which works well as a repeated shape. a very small acorn still in its cup makes the round shapes, with more oak leaves as a border.

I am listening to the Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi, a hard sci-fi novel – which is almost an inspiration, with its convoluted plot and descriptions of strange spaceships and habitats, exo-memories and many other weird goings on.

constructing a sci-fi bottle …

there’s my ipod telling me stories on the bench …. a tall slim cylindrical bottle

and a one-winged vessel …..

the short afternoons limit my making, it starts to get dark after three, and I leave the rest of the porcelain wrapped for tomorrow.

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