almost at the solstice and an afternoon walk gives soft pinkish light and deep shadows

down in the fold of the land that holds Bale wood you look up and see bright sky

and five minutes later the sun is descending below the trees.

another day and there’s dramatic cloud and sun, and hailstorms

the oak trees at the Bale wood end of Cakes Lane are still hanging on to a few leaves

golden light and dark blue grey sky; the storm passed us by though

sun lighting up more oak leaves in Clip street lane, in between lowering

storm clouds whisking past.

a hard frost this morning and the lanes treacherous with frozen puddles

but the sun was warm in sheltered spots – Bullfer grove catching midday gold

today I wished I was working in my workshop – very little wind and all that sunshine made it a good place to be. soon I hope to get away from the computer and start making again.