last pots of the year

a scored tall pot

at last back in the workshop – the weather’s been mild so warm enough, but no dry – and I’ve been concentrating on this shape. I don’t really know what to call it – funnel form?

a tall top cracked

several different clays, starting with ones that had already been hardened a bit, rolling in sand grit and tiny stones from my finca, which is eroded or decomposed granite – quartz, felspar and some mica sparkle. the little stones are felspar, and leave white blobs in the clay body at stoneware temperatures.

a tall scored pot

some of these are as tall as I can get in the kiln.

a tall pots

also going back to the old flask shape – someone recently called them flagons

a flask

various buff-ish stoneware bodies with grog added, or the finca sand.

a flagons

a flagon scored

and a bunch of flask/flagons I made in the autumn from the Solargil grés St Amande clay with grog added. I should be getting all these fired by the third week in January, as I have an exhibition in Bath at the Hilton gallery in February.


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