the uses of leaves

it’s december in northern europe at the edge of the north sea, but it’s not very cold. the weather has become stormy though, and after the big destructive storm surge we are getting gales from the south every few days, with some temperatures in double figures.

1 sunthroughhedge

in between there is sunshine, but from such a low angle, as we approach the winter solstice, that it paints the landscape warmer colours than you really feel.

1 sunrise

we have had a few minutes of deep pink at sunrise

1 sunset

golden banners at sunset

1 oakleaves andsky

and deep blue skies …. plenty of leaves left around,

1 oak bottle

which I have been pressing into clay

1 oakimpressionists

going back to what I was doing eighteen months ago

1 oakbottlefrom top

acorns, and clematis stems

1 clematis pot

all of which which I have discovered works extremely well under layers of oxide, slip, and chun glaze

15 black ice bottle with oak leaf impression 17 x 12 cm

like this one. I have also been playing with leaves a la India Flint

more on that later.


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