I have been shaking it up. hipstamatic, the app I use on my iphone¬†for¬†photography, has a button for randomly selecting the “lens” and the “film” when you shake the phone. I have so many of these filters and framers that I wanted to experiment. here are the results

1 sunlitwinterwood


1 shed


1 pasture treedead

colour shadow

1 magictree2

black and white vintage 1800’s

1 magic tree


1 jewel leaves

leaves like golden coins

1 grass field yellow

golden grass

1 dogwoodandmaple

dogwood and field maple in technicolour

1 bright leavesinhedge

apricot glow

1 biggest blue sky

huge blue

1 branchandbluesky

pinky blue

1 branchviewbright


1 branches bw

monochrome tangle