an exhibition coming up

in just under 2 weeks I have an exhibition of pots in the Bircham Gallery in Holt, together with photos by the gallery owner, Chris Harrison. a great opportunity to put the wood-fired pieces out into the world. however we selected some slightly older pieces, and some “back catalogue” ones as well,poured rust beach oval flask 57cm x 28cm

like this huge flask vessel from 2007. after my first experience of woodfiring with Nic Collins, and particularly of placing pots on their backs or sides on wads, that’s how I fired this one, in my gas kiln. it was too tall for the kiln standing up. I also placed some little containers of salt near it, something which I had seen Nic do.

04 2009 saggar fired vessel porcelain on st thomas 29cm x 16cm

this was fired in a makeshift saggar also in my gas kiln, with hardwood shavings. I tried it three times and the best results came from this firing. there are two other pieces, both of which reflect the changes in my work due to firing with Nic, and with Gas Kimishima, when I spent two weeks camping and firing for ten days in a wood near Tring.

smaller 3 woodfired bottle detail shell mark

now I have got such good results on Nic’s woodfiring workshop, I will continue to take part – it is a unique opportunity for me to wood fire in a group situation, with all Nic’s expertise available, something I could never do at home.

4 woodfired large bottle with ash deposit 55 x 25 cm

whether covered in the ambient ash and cinder melt

17 woodfired shino bottle with leaf and acorn 19 x 15 cm

or red clay glazed with shino

15 woodfired bottle with white clay layer and clematis impression back 19 x 15 cm

or further back in the kiln with only flame marks and wonderful toasty clay colours

9 woodfired bottle with combing ash sheen 27 x 21 cm

my pots really love this sort of firing.

7 spring rain bottle 16 x 12 cm

in contrast, there will be a big group of gas-fired pieces in this chun glaze with the crawling slip and iron oxide under it.

02 black ice bottle 54 x 21 cm

the jewel-like chun glaze rolling off and dribbling over the naked clay has the same kind of feel as the wood fired pieces, but the light colouring, refracting and reflecting light, makes them at the same time quite different.


clay, pots, trees, ash, leaves, light, refracted blue …..

I hope to see a few people who like my pots, at the Bircham Gallery on Saturday 17th January!



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