lost horizons

lost horizons is the rather romantic title of an exhibition in Bath of my pots with Julia Cooper’s paintings. I went down there for the private view on friday.


here we are in Bath, in the Circus. I stayed in a very lovely B&B in Brock street, just round the corner. having just got back fom Paris I needed a treat and a refuge.


David Simon’s gallery is very close by, on Bartlett Street, just down from the Assembly rooms. you can imagine Jane Austen would have walked up and down this steep narrow street.


the gallery is all window and two shallow rooms, opening onto Lucy Simon’s lovely shop full of flowers and fragrances.


David persuaded me to show this massive pot, the biggest I’ve ever made, and I’m glad he did.


his and Lucy’s selection works wonderfully well with Julia Cooper’s paintings.


it brings out much in both


these little spoons are something I made in March and April, when I was in the mood and I had a few of the fragile shells that I used to imprint the bowls of the spoons.


I love the way he has displayed them.

spoons and bottles

Julia’s abstracts which are landscapes as well fit beautifully into the frame of reference.


suddenly my pots are much more about landscape than I realised.

1mediumbottles in window

I’m very happy with the exhibition.

1paintings and bottle

we had a lovely evening, some old friends came,


gin and tonic was served, or sicilian lemonade, and afterwards we went out for dinner.

and my room was elegant, cosy, quiet, and a refuge, though I didn’t need to hide from Bath so much as recover from the long drive.

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