and it’s back to the clay again

it’s been quite hard to switch back to clay from my painting binge. in between I went to Art in Clay at Hatfield, which was good for making me think about what I want to do.


so I started coiling again, perhaps a little aimlessly


trying this beautiful butter pat maker for texture. it’s not really the right tool for clay but it’s a lovely thing in itself.


in the end it grew a double base and I got very hands on with some wet clay


from making that one I got some ideas. the weather being so hot, the clay stiffened up quickly and this piece grew rapidly


I’m using white St Thomas stoneware clay, it is lovely to work with and you can get a smooth finish.


but again I decided I didn’t want smooth



these are closed forms, so after a bit of time drying, during which it’s easier to handle them because of air pressure inside, I make a hole underneath and the extra air whooshes out


this one is more problematic, because it insists on looking like first a truncated torso


and then like a shape with breasts


I’m trying to see it as two joined forms.


now joined by the stem drawn around them.


back to simpler things



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  1. I have just discovered your blog via saving an image of one of your pots on Pinterest. (I use Pinterest under the name of Clayon McClothes) I find the blog really interesting, particularly your recording of the making process,and thank you for sharing the things that go wrong as well as the things that go right! I am a ceramics maker in a small way, and look forward to following your pots and painting adventures. Many thanks!

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