high summer

while the rest of the UK has been sweltering we have had cool grey mornings, sometimes with a haar looming by dusk. walking Bims has not been a matter of falling out of bed into my boots just after dawn to get a cool walk, as it was last year.

some of our beach walks have been quite misty and grey,

but this week – a little earlier than my usual time –

at Tentsmuir it was all silvery glitter.

the Kinshaldy pools are beginning to dry up

but the dunes are still flowery


and the rosebay in full blast of purple.

ribbed sand

striped blues

and a bit of drawing

always inspiring.

inland there’s plenty too.

barley ripening, and swooping swallows

blocks of dark trees

I love using the random appearances of pattern in these hand-sewn books.

and to quickly draw B over these pattern hounds

meadow sweet every where

good for alcholic drinks, and a glorious yellow-gold dye colour

in Owlet wood we pass a place of desecration, broken glass everywhere, cans, plastic bottles … a teenage camp in the wood, the broken bottles and cans etc matching the farmer’s deposits of fencewire and possible fly-tippings or farmer of other crap, pheasant pens trampled and tripping one up, rusty barbed wire laced between trees, and theres a broken sofa. goodness knows what goes on on it, but I imagine Ariadne, just a teen herself, going all the way with Bacchus/Dionysus, she can’t resist him, hormones blazing ….

and there’s my painting resolved –

Ariadne’s Bed in the Wood

all these reds

with some sparkly mica

and a crown. A. has become a bit of a theme recently.

then early last week we went on the walk around Craiglug again. It was partly cloudy

and once we got around the western side of the hill there was a fresh breeze.

near Fingask’s beautiful beef shorthorn strawberry roans there were annoying flies though.

scabious in the hedge

and then more resolution for this diptych from the sketchbook

Craigsanquhar farm

the first marks were blues and runny


and text – up there a reference to that dominating hill with its crags

a painting showing its Chuta Kimura and Idris Murphy influences.

cool morning walks in Cairngreen and Kemback woods

the garden – the roses turned out to be strongly scented –

the prairie flowers are starting to show some buds. I have put a micro irrigation system in for them, things are so dry.

this white clematis is in the shade most of the day. it seems quite happy.

today I made a stack of thick paper rectangles from some smooth (hot press) heavy watercolour paper to paint on.

summery colours

juicy fruits

and another of those crowns.



  1. What a joyous blog Jane. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing pictures previously posted on Facebook brought into a fluid, visual narrative. Thank you!

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