well, this week has been mostly about PR so far. not much fun, but necessary. I have some interest from one magazine, so I have to try to move STUFF around the house to avoid taking photographs of it. like this one. there is a terrible amount of STUFF (coats, shoes, hats, dog leads, non-pretty bags of rice, semolina, dog biscuits, etc) all hiding around the corner. oh and I had to take the blender off the top shelf in the pantry – not pretty enough. still its very good that there is some possibility of getting the work into a national magazine.


Tilda is looking very innocent in that photo, but she ran off into another farmer(not my friend)’s sugar beet today, and by the time I got there she was the other side of the field, rushing along at top speed. then she ended up on the road. luckily, extremely luckily, there was no traffic. just when I though I had her worked out, she was showing me I am not really boss after all.