well its that time of year again. in ten days I will take the fruit of three months design work to Paris to try and get enough orders to keep me in clay and gas for another seven months.


this one I really knitted myself. this is a new development, but not one I will necessarily continue with. the yarn is so thick that it only took me about 10 evenings. beautiful Rowan Yarns Country Tweed. it smells a little of lanolin, and is lovely to work with. the lace stitch is a traditional Shetland stitch. and my assistant found those huge green buttons at the local market.


we were very lucky with the weather – the sunshine was quite intense, and my neighbours’ old forge living room with its lime-washed flint walls just concentrated the light. Sid as usual the perfect model. this shape is a new one – inspired by a photo of Sarah Jane Parker – and the gloves are a throwback to big gauntlet gloves I did a few years ago. I think quite an elegant photo.


this time I used my Cannon digital SLR camera, not the compact. it’s big enough to enable a steady grip for the slow shutter speeds which are inevitable when photographing indoors. however, we used the outdoors as well, the doorway with the sun flooding in was perfect. here the sun does extra shiny things to the metallic gold crochet necklace attached to this cardigan. I have great hopes for this one. it also has some shaping pushing out the tops of the sleeves, a little exaggeration of shape I am trying out.

you can have a sneak preview of the rest of my collection for Autumn/Winter 2008/09 here http://www.soozwhippet.com/collection0809/index.htm