Tilda is back to normal walking from today, stitches are out and the fluid build-up has disappeared. we went to Morston at low tide. the evening was warm and blowy, and the dogs made the most of the freedom to speed around and play catch.


at low tide we can paddle across the Stiffkey as it emerges from the Fen and flows out across the mud flats, and in some places the dogs can swim. Tilda is reluctant to do more than paddle, but Sal will trust himself to cross the deeper spots.


the water is quite clean and he smells a lot better for it. T contented herself with trying to splash him.



she lost a lot of weight on holiday with Emmet at the beginning of the month, and even the two weeks’ inactivity with stitches and eating well has not put the flesh back on her bones.


the avocets in Stiffkey fen seemed to be annoyed with us and we were treated to several loud fly-overs from their Combat Air Patrol, a good photo opportunity which I fumbled somewhat.


this camera can’t zoom in enough to get a good shot of  a distant bird, probably its only weak point.avocetevening.jpg