it has been so warm that eating on the porch every evening has been the rule rather than the exception.

a selection of local, extremaduran delicacies – a delicious goats’ cheese, manchego, and two kinds of sausage. the drink is the remains of sloe gin from my English garden, with tonic ….

san miguel beer


consulting the great tapas cookery book they gave me for my birthday, by Simone and Inéz Ortega.


low sunshine across the olive trees

judias verdes – the flat green beans which are so much nicer than runner beans – with hard boiled eggs and anchovy dressing, and pimientos verdes stuffed with rice and tomatoes. fresh and inviting,

with a salad – from Carrefour – but we had to go there to buy fish.

a peaceful evening, except for the ruido de las ranas – the frog chorus …..